Mobile device data visualization for field investigators

Cellebrite introduced UFED Link Analysis, a new product that allows field investigators to visualize key relationships between suspects and identify important behavior by analyzing data from multiple mobile devices.

By drawing on the most comprehensive data sets—including the existing, deleted and hidden data available only from physical and file system extractions—UFED Link Analysis delivers the most thorough, accurate and actionable picture of any mobile forensic solution.

Law enforcement, military, private, and corporate investigators can use UFED Link Analysis to generate leads in the early hours of an investigation. Whether this brings about more in-depth analysis, a crime prevented, a suspect’s apprehension or a victim’s rescue, visual analytics can shorten investigations and make operational planning faster and more efficient.

“One of the biggest challenges law enforcement has is being able to take raw data and turn it into actionable intelligence in the field,” said Dan Morrissey, a supervisor with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. “We routinely encounter suspects carrying multiple phones. Being able to determine if a relationship occurs, and to what extent the relationship exists, can be a significant benefit to any investigation.”

By integrating multiple mobile device extraction reports on a single screen, UFED Link Analysis:

  • Reveals people’s direct and indirect links via their calls, text messages, chats, and application activities.
  • Shows people’s usage behavior, including the channels they use and unusual communication.
  • Indicates how strongly connected people are, including whether they share connections, across multiple devices.
  • Analyzes data from hundreds of the most popular mobile devices and smartphone apps.
  • Enables investigators to associate people within groups.
  • Filters data by time and date, number of events, and categories.
  • Searches data by keyword such as names, addresses, area codes or other information.
  • Stands alone as an individual application, requiring no special servers or other equipment to run.

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