RSA unifies identity and access management

RSA announced new solutions within its Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite designed to address security challenges that require new ways to manage and protect the growing number of users and device identities, the growth in identity information and the need to help ensure consistent security across enterprise, cloud and mobile infrastructures.

To address the increased mobility of end users, authentication and authorization itself must be delivered from the cloud regardless of user location. As identity information is no longer confined to the enterprise but extends outward to the cloud, RSA has introduced a series of IAM solutions engineered to enable enterprises to confidently extend identity information and access more extensively to partners, consumers and cloud applications with risk-driven controls.

These solutions are engineered to help enable organizations to:

  • Create a dynamic perimeter around online user sessions that leverage contextual information to calculate risk and enforces adaptive authentication according to enterprise policy
  • Correlate and aggregate identity information and selectively and securely expose it to cloud applications and partners
  • Minimize time taken to establish identity federation with cloud applications by using an identity and access broker.

RSA Access Manager – is built to help organizations cost-effectively provide secure access to web applications through web single sign-on (Web SSO), consolidate access controls for enhanced security, benefit from an improved user experience and accelerate application deployment. In addition, RSA Access Manager is designed to support a broad range of authentication methods, including tight integration with RSA Adaptive Authentication for out-of-band phone and the new support for out-of-band email risk-based authentication.

RSA Adaptive Directory – is engineered to correlate and aggregate identity information across variety of enterprise sources and delivers a global view of identity using a flexible, scalable identity virtualization layer. This is a vital building block for organizations as they prepare to share identity information more widely and add many more identities.

RSA Adaptive Federation -is designed to provide secure identity federation as a service to assure that the right users have the right access at the right time, to business-critical resources and sensitive data in SaaS applications. Powered by VMware Horizon Application Manager, RSA Adaptive Federation is engineered to enable secure and convenient access to and from the cloud while lowering deployment and operating expenses associated with products hosted and maintained internally by organizations.

With the RSA Adaptive Federation solution, the need for employees to remember sign-on credentials for each cloud application is eliminated and they can securely use any browser-enabled device for access to cloud applications. RSA Adaptive Federation is designed to interoperate with Microsoft Windows operating systems and RSA SecurID authentication already deployed at organizations.

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