New wireless APs and 2-factor authentication products from Fortinet

Fortinet announced four new wireless access points along with three new two-factor authentication products.

Fortinet is introducing four new additions to its wireless access point product family with the release of the FortiAP-320B, FortiAP-223B, FortiAP-112B and the FortiAP-11C. Fortinet is also introducing strong two-factor authentication clients: the FortiToken-200CD, FortiToken-Mobile and FortiToken-300.

The new additions to the FortiAP product family provide customers looking to integrate secure wireless access with their network security with advantages that include faster connections, simplified deployment, centralized “single pane of glass” management and reduced total-cost-of ownership. The devices work with the wireless controller functionality embedded in every FortiGate network security device.

Fortinet’s new FortiToken products work in conjunction with both FortiGate and FortiAuthenticator platforms. FortiAuthenticator supports FortiTokens across an enterprise by enabling authentication with multiple FortiGate appliances and third party devices.

New product details:

FortiAP-320B: a dual-radio 3×3 triple stream 802.11n access point that provides 900 Mbps of aggregate wireless connectivity; a 50% improvement over previous technology. This access point is designed for environments that require high availability, high user density and high throughput over longer range. It also provides dual redundant PoE ports to maintain operation even if a PoE injector or PoE switch fails.

FortiAP-223B: a dual-radio, dual-stream access point that supports external antenna connections. This allows customers more flexible installation options by projecting wireless signals to difficult to reach locations.

FortiAP-112B: an economic single radio outdoor access point designed for cost-effective guest Wi-Fi services or as a Wi-Fi mesh client that can be used as a CPE antenna for wireless Internet providers.

FortiAP-11C: a small access point suitable for travel or remote access. The remote AP function will automatically discover the FortiGate wireless controller in the enterprise cloud, download its configuration and offer the same SSID used in corporate environments so remote employees can gain secure encrypted access to enterprise resources over the Internet. This feature allows IT administrators to save time and to reduce helpdesk calls.

FortiToken 200CD: ships with an encrypted activation file that allows customers to activate their tokens repeatedly and across multiple authentication servers without risking compromise from token seed exposure in an online database.

FortiToken Mobile: an Open Authentication (OATH) compliant, time-based One Time Password (OTP) generator soft token application for mobile devices downloadable from iTunes or Google Play.

FortiToken 300: a hardware-based USB Smartcard token for managing and storing PKI certificates and their associated private keys. Combined with the FortiAuthenticator Certificate Management functionality, FortiToken 300 provides a client certificate-based strong authentication solution from a single vendor.

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