Self-service password management in the cloud

Ilantus released Password Express, a self-service password management solution with security and enterprise integration. It can be deployed in the cloud or on premise to meet the needs of an enterprise managing hybrid deployments quickly and easily.

With its open architecture, Password Express can be easily integrated with most Service Desk ticketing systems, providing the benefit of automated password-related issue tracking.

Password synchronization is delivered through seamless integration with an enterprise’s existing IAM solution, infrastructure, applications, and cloud-based services.

“Business today is global, workforces are virtual, and access to resources is expected instantly. Users are able to manage password-related issues in a matter of minutes instead of hours, from anywhere, at anytime, on any web-enabled device,” said Binod Singh, President and CEO of Ilantus. “This greatly improves user productivity and satisfaction, and frees help desk and security resources thereby reducing costs.

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