YubiKey NEO authentication token released

Yubico announced the production launch of the YubiKey NEO, a new authentication token that features Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, asymmetric cryptography support and mobile security with a single tap.

“To meet the growing market demand for high security PKI-based encryption and mobile access, we are pleased to launch the YubiKey NEO which uniquely combines the simplicity of our driverless One-Time Password and USB authentication technology with the superior security of PKI encryption, as well as wireless connectivity for mobile devices,” said Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and founder, Yubico. “This next generation, premium YubiKey is empowered with NXP state-of-the-art security technology and Common Criteria certified bank grade authentication ICs.”

“Password-based online authentication does not deliver enough security for cloud services. Hardware-based strong authentication technology is necessary to protect identities and privacy; not just in Cloud Services but all areas of cyber security applications”, says Sami Nassar, general manager, authentication product line at NXP Semiconductors.

“NXP already provides security for hundreds of millions of people using smart card-based bank cards, electronic passports and NFC-enabled phones and we are glad that the YubiKey NEO leverages our proven hardware-based security technology,” he added.

Combining a hardware token in addition to a smartphone is critical for true strong security and mitigates the risk of mobile malware. The rugged YubiKey NEO fits conveniently on a key-chain. When the device is tapped on a NFC-enabled smartphone, the phone reads a securely encrypted one-time password emitted by the YubiKey NEO – with no additional client software needed.

The YubiKey NEO features a secure element based on NXP’s SmartMX security technology and may also be used with asymmetric encryption. The YubiKey NEO may be used as a CCID compliant USB token, enabling easy integration for systems integrators and third-party PKI applications.

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