Rackspace launches Mobile Cloud Stacks

Rackspace released its new mobile cloud stacks for developers. These stacks are purpose built to help developers design, build, test, deploy and scale mobile apps in the hybrid cloud.

The cloud stacks are pre-configured and designed to deliver a frictionless environment for developing mobile apps. These stacks are offered in order to minimize the upfront configuration time for developers and allow them to focus more on designing applications while Rackspace manages the backend operations.

With its growing emphasis on the mobile market, Rackspace is also launching a new ecosystem of industry leading partners to further strengthen its mobile cloud platform. This ecosystem will give developers access to robust software developer kits (SDK), push services, mobile backend-as-a-service, testing and monitoring capabilities from industry leaders such as FeedHenry, New Relic, Sencha, SOASTA, StackMob, and Trigger.io.

According to IDC, mobile technologies will account for nearly 57 percent of the IT industry’s overall growth in 2013. In addition, 33 percent of all new apps will target mobile environments.

John Engates, CTO of Rackspace said: “Our pre-configured mobile stacks were developed based on our experience with hosting thousands of complex applications. These stacks are reducing complexity for mobile developers who no longer have to reinvent the wheel every time they build and deploy mobile apps. By wrapping Fanatical Support around these new mobile tools and capabilities, we’ve created a unique developer experience that’s unmatched in the market.”

Lew Cirne, CEO and founder, New Relic comments: “Mobile applications are quickly becoming a driving force in providing business services that speed communication and collaboration. Open cloud services with their core infrastructure offerings and their marketplaces are instrumental in creating accessible systems and solutions to speed their time to market. We are extending our relationship with Rackspace to provide mobile app developers real-time app performance data, enabling teams to address slow downs and other performance issues before they affect a brand’s reputation. We’re joining forces with Rackspace to tap into their Fanatical Support® for customers that now extends to the success of the mobile app customer.”

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