Mobile application reputation service from Veracode

Veracode is expanding upon its enterprise application security services to include mobile application intelligence. The introduction of Mobile Application Reputation Service (MARS) will help enterprises and federal agencies prevent inadvertent data leakage due to the use of risky mobile applications.

The use of third-party apps creates a gaping security hole in enterprise IT infrastructures. Together with Veracode’s mobile application vulnerability scanning, MARS equips organizations with a quantitative risk analysis on mobile applications supplied by public app stores, commercial developers and enterprise developers to inform enterprises’ BYOD policies.

“Mobile computing raises new security concerns in an increasingly mobile world, where devices may be employee-owned, frequently changed, and used for both personal and business purposes,” according to Gartner Research. “With the growing penetration of mobile devices in the enterprise, security testing and protection of mobile application and data become mandatory precautions against attacks.”1

Using MARS, Veracode conducted an analysis of the most popular mobile applications used within enterprises today. The results show that many of these apps access confidential and sometimes personal data on the mobile device and expose sensitive information to unknown parties.

Veracode has partnered with MDM and MAM vendors so that enterprises can use the information obtained through MARS to easily enforce BYOD risk management policies by setting up rules to automatically allow or block apps from the mobile device, based on the apps’ risk ratings.

Over the past seven years, the Veracode Platform has scanned and analyzed billions of lines of code, including those in web and mobile applications, to help secure the world’s software. Veracode MARS is the next step in the evolution of mobile application security.

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