Two-factor authentication for websites

Incapsula announced Login Protect, which enables instant activation of two-factor authentication to websites and Web applications, without requiring any coding, application changes, or third-party authentication service integrations.

Login Protect allows easy and instant activation of two-factor authentication on any Web page or application area with centralized user management and built-in provisioning. This means that Incapsula customers can manage security and access control of all of their Web applications through Incapsula’s single dashboard, without the need for integration or installation of any additional hardware or software.

The core benefits of Login Protect include:

Integration – Login Protect can be activated in minutes, with minimal configuration, and without additional installation or coding.

Flexibility – Login Protect can be deployed on any Web page or application area, using multiple verification methods.

Central management – Login Protect offers centralized control over multiple logins, across several websites and applications.

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