Automated remediation for APTs and 0-days

ThreatTrack Security unveiled The Spyder Initiative, a development strategy for solving the challenges cyber security professionals face, including the creation of custom, automated remediation signatures in real-time to combat the most sophisticated malware targeting enterprises and government agencies worldwide.

“Automated threat remediation is the next evolution of advanced malware defense,” said ThreatTrack Security CEO Julian Waits, Sr. “Even the best malware detection solutions cannot remediate APTs, targeted attacks, Zero-day threats and other sophisticated malware assaulting corporate and government networks. ThreatTrack Security specializes in threat remediation, and our engineers working on The Spyder Initiative are developing solutions that will fundamentally change how Incident Response Teams and cybersecurity professionals eliminate sophisticated malware from their networks.”

While advanced security solutions like a malware analysis sandbox enable security professionals to identify and profile APTs, targeted attacks, Zero-day threats and other malware evading traditional signature-based detection, eliminating those threats remains a manual and time-consuming process.

Through The Spyder Initiative, ThreatTrack Security is developing solutions that will create custom remediation signatures for any threat that targets a network, limiting the spread of infections and reducing the likelihood of data breaches.

The Spyder Initiative also is focused on enabling users to better understand the nature of the threats targeting their networks. This includes identifying countries of origin, malware type and infection methodology, malware behavioral mapping, persistent threat campaign tracking and other intelligence necessary to better secure networks and stop emerging threats.

Building upon malware behavioral analysis and threat remediation technologies, as well as new advances in real-time threat intelligence and predictive analytics, The Spyder Initiative will transform how organizations combat today’s most advanced cyber threats. The first in a series of new cyber-defense solutions developed through The Spyder Initiative will be available in early 2014.

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