NSS Labs unveils Threat Modeling and Threat Forecasting

NSS Labs announced availability of two new advisory services – Threat Modeling and Threat Forecasting – helping clients to better understand their risk and distill actionable threat intelligence.

These new services leverage the data from both NSS’ ongoing tests of leading security products and the company’s new BaitNET technology which delivers global, real-time monitoring of exploit and malware trends to provide enterprises with the information they need to make security decisions.

NSS Threat Modeling and Threat Forecasting services include:

Threat Modeling allows enterprises to see exactly which vulnerabilities pose the most risk to their network: Every day security professionals are bombarded with information about threats and exploits that may or may not pose any risk to their particular organization.

Using data collected from NSS’ testing of security products such as next generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, and end point protection solutions, NSS Threat Modeling can now model the specific security layers for any enterprise and show exactly which exploits can bypass their security systems down to the vulnerable application version.

Threat Forecasting provides real-time monitoring of malware and exploits across the globe and can predict which threats pose the greatest risk based on an enterprise’s specific infrastructure: NSS’ technology, BaitNET, captures, indexes, correlates, verifies and validates exploits and malware worldwide – in real time. This real-world information can be used to identify malware and exploits that pose the most risk to an organization.

NSS Threat Modeling and Forecasting services enable enterprises to make critical security decisions: Today we live in a world of information overload and where the threat landscape changes by the hour, making it nearly impossible for enterprises to keep up with the latest threats. Unlike static historic threat reports, real-time Threat Forecasting helps enterprises determine which threats pose risk and help determine which should be considered the highest priority. By allowing teams to better prioritize risk, enterprises can make better use of limited resources and focus on the threats that matter.

“With our new Threat Modeling and Threat Forecasting services, NSS clients can actually see exactly what threats pose the biggest risks to their organizations, and, most importantly, use that information to prioritize security efforts,” said Vikram Phatak, CEO at NSS Labs.

“Every security organization runs into limitations where more manpower, budget, and technology (or all three) are no longer available for solving security problems. What matters then is having real, actionable information that you can use to make informed security decisions about how to deploy the resources that you do have. With these new services, we go beyond simply telling clients what threats are out there to actually “forecasting” whether or not a threat is likely to impact their organization.”

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