Identify unknown internal email-enabled systems

Sendmail today introduced Sentrion Rogue Email Application Control (REAC) 2.0, the first inside-threat protection application with new Big Data search capabilities to further protect organizations against the growing internal threats posed by machine-generated email, which accounts for more than 50% of all corporate email traffic.

Because email-generating systems and applications can number in the thousands across hundreds of departments, discovering and controlling them can place undue burden on IT with no guarantee that rogue systems and apps will be found.

Further complicating the problem of discovery is enterprise email itself, by far the largest source of big data in the enterprise today, generating nearly three exabytes of data annually in email and accompanying attachments.

With Sentrion REAC 2.0, IT can leverage Sendmail’s advanced Big Data analysis tools to capture and scan all email data flowing through the enterprise via email logs from the most commonly used MTAs in the world—including sendmail open source, Sendmail Sentrion and Postfix open source—to locate all the email-generating systems and apps that operate hidden in the enterprise.

Once Sentrion REAC 2.0 identifies and helps IT inventory these machines, the business applications can be:

1. Registered with the respective business unit.
2. Monitored for normal behavior.
3. Controlled to reduce the threat of inadvertent internal attack on an ongoing basis.

Among the biggest concerns in cloud security, data control and data loss rank high—just second behind BYOD, according to Infonetic’s April 2013 report. With Sentrion REAC 2.0, businesses can also better manage, secure and ensure the regulatory-compliant handling of sensitive content contained in emailed attachments and the emails themselves by identifying all the systems and applications that generate messages throughout the enterprise.

With this visibility, IT can better manage and safeguard their email data, often by keeping confidential emails and email-generating systems on-premises while relegating less sensitive messaging to the cloud.

Sentrion REAC 2.0 is available as a hard or virtual appliance.

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