AirWatch and Appthority partner for mobile app risk analysis

Appthority and AirWatch announced that AirWatch EMM is integrated with Appthority’s fully automated App Risk Management service for app analysis and risk management.

The Appthority partnership with AirWatch addresses a critical problem in empowering employees to access mobile applications. Previously, companies had no insight into which mobile apps to block or permit. With mobile app use exponentially increasing in the enterprise and 83 percent of mobile apps accessing corporate data, only Appthority provides the static, dynamic and behavioral analysis needed to assess app risk and make informed app use policy decisions. Armed with customized app reputation scores from Appthority, IT departments can create a mobile policy through the Appthority Portal, and enforce the policy on their AirWatch deployments.

Appthority now integrates with AirWatch to provide visibility into the presence of malware, security frameworks, privacy issues and risky behaviors of apps within AirWatch EMM deployments.

Administrators can now sync current application inventory with Appthority to quickly analyze each app installed across all company-managed mobile devices and automatically assign an Appthority Trust Score (ATS) to each app.

The majority of apps are immediately scored through comparison against Appthority’s database, the world’s largest collection of analyzed mobile applications, with over 1.7 million apps. Any new apps will be automatically added and analyzed to discover the actual behaviors of the app and calculate its risk potential within minutes.

“Every company has a different tolerance for risk depending on the sensitivity of the data involved, but every company needs to know what a mobile app is actually doing in order to set intelligent policies that protect the organization’s assets,” said Domingo Guerra, co-founder and president, Appthority. “AirWatch understands the criticality of understanding app risk and is empowering its customers to take action based on the individual needs of their organization. Now instead of unmanageable lists of ever-growing app names based on manual testing, AirWatch customers will have the ability to automatically build whitelists and blacklists based on the app behaviors they deem acceptable.”

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