Appthority unveils app risk and policy management solution

Appthority announced an all-in-one app risk management solution combining app reputation analysis with a new policy management functionality, enabling organizations to create custom app risk policies.

Together with Appthority’s app reputation service, the new policy functionality gives IT administrators control over mobile device management by providing both immediate app behavior insights as well as the ability to customize and directly enforce actions to neutralize app risk.

According to Gartner, by 2015, the number of employees using mobile applications in the workplace will double.* With more organizations adopting a Mobile First strategy, employees both bringing their own mobile devices and downloading apps from the millions of apps in the global app ecosystem onto company issued devices, the cost and complexity of manually managing app policy functions is enormous.

Using Appthority’s analysis, IT administrators can now take the next step of creating custom and unique app policies for all devices under management. This includes generating blacklists and whitelists that auto-populate based on the behavior of new apps entering the environment.

“IT Managers tell us they have no idea which apps to have their MDM vendors block. One company we spoke with was only able to manually analyze 40 apps a year to try to understand risky app behaviors. Now, organizations can make the most of their MDM investment with the Appthority Trust Score ratings of nearly two million apps, the ability to analyze new apps in seconds, and the first app policy settings based on the actual behavior of each app,” said Domingo Guerra, president and co-founder, Appthority. “Mobile policy cannot be one size fits all. Our new app policy management allows IT managers to easily create smart, turn-key mobile app policies that are customized to their unique company culture and risk profile.”

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