Firefox 24 delivers 17 security updates

Mozilla released Firefox 24, which includes 17 security updates: seven are critical, four high, and six moderate.

Fixed in this version:

  • MFSA 2013-92 GC hazard with default compartments and frame chain restoration
  • MFSA 2013-91 User-defined properties on DOM proxies get the wrong “this” object
  • MFSA 2013-90 Memory corruption involving scrolling
  • MFSA 2013-89 Buffer overflow with multi-column, lists, and floats
  • MFSA 2013-88 compartment mismatch re-attaching XBL-backed nodes
  • MFSA 2013-87 Shared object library loading from writable location
  • MFSA 2013-86 WebGL Information disclosure through OS X NVIDIA graphic drivers
  • MFSA 2013-85 Uninitialized data in IonMonkey
  • MFSA 2013-84 Same-origin bypass through symbolic links
  • MFSA 2013-83 Mozilla Updater does not lock MAR file after signature verification
  • MFSA 2013-82 Calling scope for new Javascript objects can lead to memory corruption
  • MFSA 2013-81 Use-after-free with select element
  • MFSA 2013-80 NativeKey continues handling key messages after widget is destroyed
  • MFSA 2013-79 Use-after-free in Animation Manager during stylesheet cloning
  • MFSA 2013-78 Integer overflow in ANGLE library
  • MFSA 2013-77 Improper state in HTML5 Tree Builder with templates
  • MFSA 2013-76 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:24.0 / rv:17.0.9)

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