GFI MAX Mobile Device Management launched

GFI MAX announced GFI MAX Mobile Device Management (MDM), a new offering for managed services providers looking to create new revenue opportunities as increasing numbers of employees use mobile devices in the office for work and personal activities.

The launch of GFI MAX Mobile Device Management follows GFI’s acquisition of VizualMobile, a cloud-based multi-platform mobile device management solution. The offering will be available in three different tiers, allowing MSPs to provide customers with the features they need to manage the mobile devices already being used on their network with room to expand as their needs evolve.

All GFI MAX MSPs will be able to enroll customers’ mobile devices on their network and provide access to basic device information free of charge, allowing them to start an informed conversation about the importance of mobile device management for today’s businesses.

The other tiers also provide features that are suitable for both employee-owned and business-owned devices that need to be secured in order to protect sensitive company data, a requirement highlighted by the recently updated HIPAA regulations, amongst other compliance-driven use cases.

In a different GFI survey focused on BYOD, the company found that 95.6 percent of respondents use open, public Wi-Fi connections at least once per week to carry out work-related tasks such as sending and receiving email, reviewing and editing documents and accessing company servers. Furthermore, almost 20 percent of mobile devices have no security enabled, while less than a quarter (24.7 percent) indicate that they have corporate security policies enforced on their devices.

Security features included with GFI MAX Mobile Device Management consist of remote locking and unlocking, remote wipe, the ability to change pin numbers and, optionally, to locate the device, ensuring that sensitive data can be secured in the event of a theft or loss.

Other features targeted at business-owned devices include automated provisioning, allowing administrators to configure Email, Wi-Fi, VPN and other policies for all the devices under management, directly from the GFI MAX console. MAX MDM customers will also have access to more in-depth reporting on configurations and usage of mobile devices, providing additional insight into the status of devices registered to the network.

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