TrustyCon talks made available on video

As announced, the TrustyCon infosec conference, established by security consulting firm iSEC Partners, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and DEF CON and held simultaneously as RSA Conference USA 2014, has drawn quite a crowd.

With speakers such as F-Secure’s CRO Mikko Hypponen, cryptographer and computer security expert Bruce Schneier, and quite a few other infosec luminaries that boycotted the RSA Conference the wake of public allegations that RSA received $10 million from the NSA to backdoor its BSafe solution, the conference addressed the issue of trust in technology companies and their offerings, as well as governments, and how we could make the latter switch from spying on “everyone” to spying criminals.

It didn’t take long for organizers to release a video with over seven hours’ worth of talks from the event, and make it available for anyone to watch:

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