Mobile phone security transformed with 4 new encryption apps

Following the high profile breaches of mobile phone security that have hit the headlines in recent years, a British company has launched a new range of mobile phone apps that provide the last word in encryption security for incoming and outgoing voice and data calls.

The four apps, Salt VPN, Arkangel, Harvey and Cody, have been created by specialist manufacturer Wraith Intelligence. Each has been engineered in consultation with businesses who demand absolute security for voice and data communications in high pressure environments.

Salt VPN

SaltVPN is a dedicated mobile application that runs in the background of your device, ensuring data transmission is encrypted to 2048 bit for both upload and download streams. Wraith Intelligence provides a 24 hour system of monitoring and support for its SaltVPN users, which can include tracking, data monitoring and network support.

Key features:

  • SaltVPN protects data from mobile device to corporate network
  • Provides a secure tunnel between the device and the corporate network (or managed network for individuals) using edge, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G or Wifi connections
  • Data theft and snooping attacks are eliminated
  • A secure ‘sealed’ network is created within the provider network – with data secure and encrypted.
  • Application Monitoring
  • Central Control & Reporting
  • Pass Code Quality Rules
  • Encrypted Device Content
  • Disable Camera
  • Emergency Lock, Alarm & Wipe
  • Pulsing location
  • Tracking, Locate & Rescue
  • Secure IP Network Connection
  • Anonymous IP traffic
  • Networks: 2G, 3G, 4G & WIFI
  • Dynamic termination point
  • Call logging
  • Message Logging
  • Web Content Analysis
  • Application Content Analysis
  • Remote Wipe / Lock
  • Granular User Tracking
  • Alarms & Critical Events
  • Usage Reporting & Analysis


Arkangel securely logs your whereabouts, daily tasks, and other important information. The service can request and send regular GPS fixes for your personal security, via SMS, bypassing the need for power-hungry GPS applications. The app also provides emergency help with the press of a panic button.

Arkangel features Dedicated Security Responses Centres in the UK who will respond to an alert situation and recruit the necessary assistance.

Arkangel provides the user’s details, activity details and live audio to the respondent receiving the escalated call. The respondent may then call the incident helpline and connect to a live feed through the user’s phone for further emergency audio. This information is crucial if emergency services need to be notified.

Arkangel is compatible with Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone and most other types of mobile technology, providing universal coverage.


Harvey provides a highly secure and authentication layer for document exchange across wide areas and mobile networks – as well as enterprise document management systems across multiple devices.

Harvey allows for the hiding of messages in an appropriate carrier such as an image or document. Wraith Intelligence has developed a technique that allows documents to be encrypted and hidden within them. The technique also allows for other documents or data to be hidden within documents – or a combination of both (e.g. photos and geo-location data to be hidden within other photos or cover documents).

The secure documents can be distributed without anyone knowing that hidden and encrypted data exists within the “cover” document or image. The ultimate objective is to conceal the very existence of the hidden message or data to those who don’t need to know. The embedding method is highly secure, efficient and robust to various standard image processing attacks. Harvey can be integrated into other document management solutions as a “secure layer”.


CODY is an AES 256-bit encrypted SMS application. It allows your personal, private or sensitive messages to be accessed by the intended recipient, and only the intended recipient. Regardless of the content, it delivers the message, giving the sender the peace of mind that it has not been open to viewing by others in any intermediate service centre or gateway, or by others with physical access to the sender’s or recipient’s phone.

“The security of communications made from and to mobile telephones, both by voice and by data, is something that has made worldwide headlines following the Levenson Inquiry and the Edward Snowden affair, but for businesses who can be exposed to fraud, espionage and even physical threats to staff security in unstable regions of the world it is an exceptionally serious matter,” comments Richard Rigby, Managing Director of Wraith Intelligence.

“In establishing this range of products we have specifically considered the risks posed to some of the most highly threatened sectors where integrity of communications security is most vital. This includes large corporations, the financial sector, the media, the legal profession, Governments and high net worth individuals,” he adds.

“We have undertaken intensive research with leading commentators from each of these sectors in order to establish the specific threats that they may face and create products that are designed to meet their needs. In launching these products we are satisfied that those within these groups can now be offered a simple application that will provide a unique level of protection from the threats that they may face.”

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