Online on-demand web penetration testing service

High-Tech Bridge announced the general availability of ImmuniWeb – its web application and website security testing SaaS that enables anyone, regardless of company size, geographical location or technical knowledge, to hire professional ethical hackers online for just $990.

ImmuniWeb is a hybrid of manual web application penetration testing and vulnerability scanning that are performed in parallel. Manual testing by professional web penetration testers guarantees zero false-positives and minimizes the number of false-negatives in the report.

The automated side of the assessment is performed by ImmuniWeb Security Scanner, developed by High-Tech Bridge from scratch. Project configuration and management, secure online payment and report delivery is done online via ImmuniWeb Portal.

Every ImmuniWeb report is manually written by a professional penetration tester who provides customized solutions for each weakness and vulnerability detected, ensuring that the customer can understand the issues and implement fixes.

Tested on thousands of small and several hundreds of large live websites, ImmuniWeb’s efficiency has been proven on websites that use different web frameworks, platforms and web programming languages.

Ilia Kolochenko, High-Tech Bridge’s CEO, comments: “This is the outcome of four years of development and one year of very intensive work under the Beta version of ImmuniWeb. Beta testing was very useful as we were able to talk to many different companies, organizations, governments and independent experts who all brought great ideas on how to make our service better and easier. We considered every opinion to improve and perfect ImmuniWeb, and we are grateful to all our customers, partners, testers and security analysts who helped us make it better.”

Marsel Nizamutdinov, High-Tech Bridge’s Chief Research Officer, says: “The entire ImmuniWeb technology was greatly improved thanks to user feedback while we were in Beta. Our penetration testing team was better organized and interlinked with our internal research team and their knowledge base. The ImmuniWeb Security Scanner was enhanced with many small but effective features and improvements that ameliorated vulnerability detection algorithms. Revision of some core scanning algorithms permitted us to significantly increase the scanner’s crawler speed and scope of analysis. As for ImmuniWeb Portal – it was adopted to make project management even more simple, fast and comprehensive.

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