eBook: BYOD Policy Roadmap

Every business needs a clearly articulated position on BYOD, even if it chooses not to allow for it. What’s your position? Do you even have one? If you’re uncertain, or flat out don’t know the answer, it’s time to build a BYOD policy for your business.

Your company’s most valuable asset – business-critical data – is otherwise at risk of being lost, stolen or compromised. Problems can present themselves in the forms of data leaks, malware and hack attacks, and compliance violations.

Whether you’re looking to build a basic BYOD policy or one that’s tailored for your company’s specific needs, the project involves the same steps. Granted, it can seem daunting. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Use this GFI eBook as your step-by-step guide. It covers strategy, creation and implementation – and breaks the entire process down into manageable jobs. It even includes a sample BYOD policy template.

Your business may not be ready to embrace BYOD. But you should have a plan in place to police it.

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