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In this interview, Mark Steel, CEO at IP EXPO Europe, talks about Cyber Security EXPO, taking place October 8-9 in London.

This is the very first Cyber Security EXPO. How would you describe the event to someone who is considering attending?
Cyber Security EXPO is an interactive mix of seminars, panel discussions, keynotes, networking events and a live open source security lab to bring us closer to the hacking community and its techniques. It will see high calibre speakers share their expertise and provide hands on opportunities to move from theory to practice.

We will deliver real insight from world experts on how to combat the cyber threat to your business with practical, real and relevant advice. Whether it is the infamous Heartbleed security bug or the most recent Shellshock, you can rest assured that our experts will be ready to discuss relevant defenses.

There are many information security conferences in Europe, what makes this event stand out from the rest?
In its first year, Cyber Security EXPO is born out of users and vendors’ requests for an event which explores, showcases and hacks cyber security across the full IT spectrum. Cyber Security EXPO is the only security event that gives professionals hands on experience of defeating cyber-attacks and unlike other security shows, its programme is business focused from the ground up. 80% of our attendees now come with a specific interest in security content, so we have invested in tripling the amount of expert security speakers to give this side of the event its own identity.

In addition to Data Centre EXPO and IP EXPO Europe, we can discuss the challenges, trends and cyber security solutions in context with the rest of the IT infrastructure stack. This makes perfect sense for IP EXPO Europe’s delegates and for security specialists alike as they can interact with professionals working with the Cloud, data centre technologies and IT infrastructure too.

What speakers and sessions would you highlight?
With over 300 exhibitors, this year’s event will feature a range of activities to include The SDN Conference, The Digital Transformation Summit and The Cyber Hack, a new live open source security lab which will expose visitors to demonstrations and discussions of the latest attacks and identified risks. Attendees will be able to share ideas with white hat hackers and security gurus, amongst other Cyber Security EXPO speakers and industry specialists.

The expo will also host a wide range of seminar sessions including:

  • Living in a surveillance state – Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure
  • Have cyber security professionals lost their touch? – Jitender Arora, Independent
  • The paradox of big data – Bruce Schneier, CO3
  • Keeping the world’s biggest phone business safe and its shareholders happy – Richard Knowlton, Vodafone
  • Protecting your organization in an outside-in world – Jon Callas, Silent Circle
  • CIO & CSO in the C-Suite: Where do they belong? – Robert Quinn and Rick Howard, Palo Alto Networks
  • Now you see me, now you don’t: chasing evasive malware – Giovanni Vigna, Lastline.
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