Beware of fake Facebook “Copyright Violations” warnings

The latest Facebook-themed phishing messages doing rounds are trying to trick users into believing they are “making copyright violations” on their Facebook page.

“Please review your posts and become more careful about your posts,” the message says. “If you think this is a mistake, please verify your page on the link below. This would indicate that your page does not have a violation in terms of use. We will immediately review your page appeal.”

Finally, the message threatens that the users’ Facebook page will be suspended if they do not “verify” it (by following a link) within 48 hours.

The message arrives via Facebook’s private messaging system, and is sent from a compromised account. Following the offered link will lead users to a Facebook app page that hosts the following form (click on the screenshot to enlarge it):

The scammers are using Facebook’s color scheme, and the icons of the legitimate “Facebook Security” and “Facebook and Privacy” pages to complete the impression that the request is legitimate.

Once users enter the asked-for information and submit it, the scammers have all the information their need to hijack their account and continue the attack by targeting the users’ friends.

“Because the messages come from Facebook’s own messaging service – via hijacked accounts – users are more likely to fall for the scam,” Hoax-Slayer warns.


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