Apple Watch app for managing threat intelligence on-the-go

ThreatStream today announced at RSA Conference 2015 the first iOS threat intelligence app for the Apple Watch. The app, which is also available for the iPhone and iPad, provides full access to the ThreatStream Optic threat intelligence platform dashboard and displays, and enables users to take action with a simple tap of the screen or voice command.

The ThreatStream iOS app will enable security operations center (SOC) analysts to receive and respond to threat alerts triggered by the Optic platform regardless of where they are. Using the app, anyone wearing an Apple Watch or using an iPhone or iPad, can receive notifications and alerts in real-time, untethering from the displays of their security controls without jeopardizing their ability to see and respond to threats immediately.

“Now the busy security professional on the go can be notified and respond to adversary tactics as they change in real time, all with a few taps on his or her Apple Watch,” said Hugh Njemanze, CEO, ThreatStream. “With our new Apple Watch and iOS app, we’re giving our customers complete situational awareness as well as the ability to take action and respond to a priority threat from the field. ThreatStream is committed to making threat intelligence as simple as possible to operationalize and as available as it should be to security teams that can’t always be glued to the monitors in the SOC.”

ThreatStream Optic is the first threat intelligence platform that manages the entire life-cycle of threat intelligence, from multi-source acquisition to operational integration across the entire eco-system of existing security devices. Optic enables enterprises and government organizations to seamlessly aggregate and analyze threat intelligence and automatically integrate the information into their security infrastructure and controls.

The ThreatStream Apple Watch app will be available to existing customers within the next 30-60 days as a free download from the Apple App Store and as the Apple Watch becomes widely available.

The app will be demonstrated in the ThreatStream booth during the RSA Conference this week, and the company will also be giving away one Apple Watch a day to visitors who come by their booth.

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