Payment card info of 93,000 customers stolen

The name, address, and credit card information of approximately 93,000 customers of, a popular US-based provider of Internet services to small businesses, has been compromised due to a breach of one of the company’s computer systems.

Social security numbers and card validation codes were not compromised, and only the credit card information on file to pay for services has been affected.

According to the FAQ document published on Tuesday, the attack was detected on August 13, 2015. The company doesn’t say how long the unknown perpetrators had access to the system, but says that the unauthorized activity was uncovered “quickly.”

“The company discovered the unauthorized activity as part of its ongoing security monitoring, quickly shut down the access, and immediately began working with a nationally recognized IT security firm to conduct a thorough investigation. We have reported the attack to credit card processors and the proper federal and state authorities,” they noted, and added that despite having very strong and sophisticated security measures in place to protect their computer systems, and regularly reviewing and updating their security protocols, no business is immune to cybercrime.

The company has sent out email and regular mail notifications to affected customers, and says that those who didn’t and don’t receive any of them by by August 30, 2015, can sigh in relief. All in all, the company has around 3.3 million customers.

All affected customers will receive one-year of free credit monitoring, but they will probably have to get new payment cards. In the meantime, they are advised to keep a close eye for any suspicious or unusual activity on the credit/debit cards they used with

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