Free WordPress plugin for a password-free login

Nearly 25 percent of the Internet runs on WordPress, and now these sites can be more secure thanks to a free WordPress plugin available from LaunchKey.

The plugin enables administrators to enhance their WordPress security and improve the login experience by leveraging their smartphone or tablet to log in and out of WordPress without the hassle or insecurity of their standard account password.

LaunchKey’s plugin integrates seamlessly within the native WordPress login experience, and it’s compatible with LaunchKey’s new White Label SDK which enables administrators to leverage their own mobile app as the authenticator in place of LaunchKey’s mobile app.

“LaunchKey not only can immunize a WordPress install against a password breach, it also makes it easier to log in and out by allowing users to utilize a variety of active and passive authentication factors on their mobile device like a fingerprint scan or geo-fence,” said Geoff Sanders, CEO of LaunchKey.

“The ability to permanently delete a user’s WordPress password from the WordPress database is key. With no password in the WordPress database, attack vectors to steal user passwords such as through database injection, brute-forcing, key-logging and phishing are no longer valid,” Sanders added.

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