Fake Amazon survey-for-money offer leads to account compromise

Amazon users are being targeted with a clever phishing email impersonating the retail giant.

“As a valued customer we would like to present you with an opportunity to make a quick buck,” says the email, decked out with the Amazon logo and using a similar color scheme.

“We are offering £10 each to a selected number of customers in exchange for completing a quick survey relating to our service. Your opinions and thoughts are vital in order for us to provide the best possible service. Please press the link below to get started.”

The link leads to a compromised web page that has been made to look like Amazon’s login page:

Fake Amazon login page

Once the victims enter their Amazon login credentials, they will be take to another page that asks them to enter full payment information, including address, phone number, credit card details, sort code/bank account number, and the security question.

As noted by Malwarebytes’ Chris Boyd, this particular page has since been taken down, but the phishers will surely create new ones and simply change the link in the email.

He advises checking for a green padlock in the URL bar anytime you’re asked to login or submit potentially sensitive data, and if there isn’t one, not to do it.

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