Bitly partners with Let’s Encrypt for HTTPS links

Bitly processes data associated with more than 12 billion clicks per month, leading to massive troves of intelligence. Now, they’re partnering with Let’s Encrypt to generate SSL certificates for more than 40,000 Bitly branded domains used to create links and share content across the channels, devices, and networks.

Bitly HTTPS links

All newly created HTTPS links will have SSL certificates efficiently created by Bitly through Let’s Encrypt and upgrades to modern browsers. Bitly will manage all link maintenance on behalf of the branded domain customers.

“This is great news. Getting the links secured to protect users from passive traffic analysis is an important step toward a fully encrypted Web,” Ivan Ristic, founder of SSL Labs, told Help Net Security.

This security upgrade is especially important for Bitly branded domains that facilitate any type of transactions on behalf of customers. According to a recent survey by Ponemon Institute on behalf of Ghostery, it is estimated that the top 100 internet retailers in the United States lose $310 million annually due to customer attrition caused by mixed content warnings.

“This move is a stand against malicious internet activity and its negative impact on good customer experience. We’re specifically excited to offer HTTPS to retailers, financial services, and government entities where the financial impact is obvious,” said Matt Thomson, CPO at Bitly.

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