61% of employers have no BYOD policy

Trustlook has shared findings on the latest BYOD trends and best practices from a survey of 320 Android users.

BYOD policy

“Some findings validated existing beliefs, while others were truly stunning in terms of how BYOD is treated and understood at organizations,” said Allan Zhang, CEO at Trustlook. “Most alarming is that 86% of companies do not have a preferred mobile security app for their employees to install.”

1. Even though 70% of employees use a personal device for work, only 39% of companies have a formal BYOD policy.

2. More than 50% of respondents have never received instructions for using a personal device at work.

3. More than 75% of respondents are not familiar with the MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution of their employer.

4. Only 14% of employers have a preferred mobile security app for their employees to use.

“BYOD can be great for productivity, but companies need to be more diligent about education, policy enforcement, and security,” said Zhang. “We are seeing thousands of new malware threats each month that are capable of stealing confidential company information.”

Personal devices should pose no greater danger than company-issued hardware, with one important proviso: focus your major efforts on securing the core of your system first, your network, and then work outwards with access control, authentication control and finally device control.

To learn more, read the four essential steps from Hypersocket Software take for network security in the BYOD page.


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