New infosec products of the week​: June 9, 2017

Absolute expands its self-healing endpoint security and compliance solutions for Android devices

Absolute expands its support for Android to provide uncompromised visibility and control over Android tablets and smartphones — both on and off the corporate network — to help enterprises assess vulnerabilities, prioritize risks and proactively remediate. IT security professionals have a single cloud-based solution for visibility into any type of endpoint across the enterprise, including Windows, Mac, Android and Chromebooks.

infosec products june 2017

Radware launches new line of Alteon application delivery controllers

Radware introduces new SSL performance level across its suite of Alteon D-line of hardware and virtual appliances with SSL connection speeds up to 98,000 CPS (2K RSA) and 48,000 CPS (256-bit ECC) and up to 40G of SSL throughput. The Alteon D-line provides organizations with a way to monitor encrypted traffic on perimeter security devices as well as application frontend devices. Radware’s patented technology provides decryption and encryption to multiple security technologies.

infosec products june 2017

CensorNet creates offering with MFA & USS integration

CensorNet has announced the integration of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) into its Unified Security Service (USS) Cloud platform. CensorNet is providing organisations with a ‘single pane of glass’ for full visibility and control of web, authentication, cloud applications and email. CensorNet’s MFA solution is 100% cloud-based and incorporates One Time Passcodes (OTPs), which are session specific, generated in real time, and can be sent using multiple delivery methods including SMS, email and via a mobile app with end-to-end encryption.

infosec products june 2017

Cloud Security Alliance announces third-party global consultancy program

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) launched the CSA Global Consultancy Program (CSA-GCP). The new professional services program has been established to support the growing global demand from organizations in need of improved cloud security posture and high standards of compliance and assurance. The CSA-GCP is being offered by a highly-vetted, trusted network of organizations and professionals with the first being BH Consulting, KPMG, Optiv and Securosis.

infosec products june 2017

Fidelis Endpoint Cloud: Real-time detection, visibility, response and automation

To provide security personnel with the visibility, context and automation required to investigate and resolve threats lurking on endpoints and to protect their organizations from cyberattacks, Fidelis Cybersecurity unveiled Fidelis Endpoint Cloud. It can be deployed as a standalone solution or in conjunction with the Fidelis Network product. When used together, network and endpoint event data is automatically correlated to confirm and validate alerts and suspicious activity. Security teams also receive network and endpoint metadata that provide details on what took place before, during, and after the alert.

infosec products june 2017

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