New infosec products of the week​: June 23, 2017

API Behavioral Security: Detecting and blocking attacks targeting API infrastructures

Elastic Beam unveiled its flagship solution, API Behavioral Security (ABS), the first AI-powered software platform able to detect and block cyberattacks that target APIs to compromise corporate data and systems – in public clouds, hybrid clouds, or on premise. ABS requires no predefined policies, security rules, or attack signatures, and can stop attacks that are new and constantly changing. Its API activity reporting simplifies forensic analysis and facilitates meeting compliance requirements.

infosec products june 2017

Entrust Datacard introduces the IntelliTrust Authentication Service

Entrust Datacard launched IntelliTrust authentication service – its new authentication cloud service with Mobile Smart Credential technology. This adaptive authentication solution leverages the low touch deployment aspects of the cloud with new levels of intelligent identity capabilities to provide for a better user experience with stronger security in an easy-to-deploy model.

infosec products june 2017

Neurotechnology adds face recognition and analytics to video management systems

Neurotechnology released SentiVeillance Server, a ready-to-use solution that integrates with surveillance video management systems (VMS). Based on the company’s deep neural network technology for facial recognition from surveillance camera video, SentiVeillance Server enhances VMS with advanced capabilities, such as the ability to quickly and accurately recognize faces in video streams and trigger analytical event notifications whenever an authorized, unauthorized or unknown person is detected.

infosec products june 2017

Raytheon launches new Cyber Protection System with scalable response centers

Raytheon unveiled its new Cyber Protection System with scalable Cyber Response Centers for global defense, intelligence and commercial customers. The tiered CRCs – Primary, Enterprise and National – are pre-configured and provide intrusion detection, network analysis and incident response to proactively address cyber threats. The CRCs can also be customized with optional capabilities, including insider threat detection.

infosec products june 2017

Wheel Systems launches Wheel Lynx Infinity SSL/TLS decryptor

Wheel Systems launched a new SSL/TLS decryption appliance, which offers traffic decryption speed of 50 gigabits per second. Wheel Lynx SSL/TLS Decryptor Infinity is designed to work both inline and out-of-band. It works with existing IDS/IPS, DLP and BDS solutions, as well as anti-virus products. A built-in whitelist function ensures compliance with privacy protection regulations.

infosec products june 2017

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