eBook: Full Stack Web Performance

Full Stack Web Performance is written for anyone grappling with the challenges of performance in a DevOps environment. Whether you’re a web developer, a DevOps engineer, an engineering manager or an architect, you’ll glean something useful from this practical how-to by Tom Barker.

Full Stack Web Performance

We’re in the midst of a giant leap forward in software engineering and IT. Cross-functional DevOps teams are the order of the day, and Full Stack Web Performance addresses how web performance fits into this ever-changing environment.

Topics in the book are organized into three high-level areas of focus in a product development group:

  • Client-side – the user-facing piece of the application that generally runs on the user’s hardware.
  • Infrastructure – consisting of the facilitating pieces of our application, commonly the CDN and cloud service.
  • Operations – the practices we put in place to monitor and alert the health of our applications.

Full Stack Web Performance also presents ways to leverage existing tools and libraries for huge payoffs. The recommendations and solutions outlined in the book can be measured in days and weeks rather than months and years.

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