New infosec products of the week​: July 21, 2017

Awake Security unveils advanced security analytics solution

Awake’s advanced security analytics provide security teams the insights needed to understand the scope and impact of observed behavior and investigate only credible alerts and threats. By cutting out cumbersome tasks during the investigative process, Awake enables analysts to focus on high-value security work, speeding the detection of insider threats, corporate espionage, lateral movement and data exfiltration.

infosec products july 2017

Lastline unveils breach protection capabilities

Lastline Breach Defender provides a dynamic blueprint of a breach as it unfolds and moves laterally across a network. Informed by understanding of malware behaviors, it provides the visibility, context, threat intelligence, and integration enterprise security teams need to remediate breaches.

infosec products july 2017

Container security platform that adapts to evolving threats

StackRox brings to market a patent-pending security architecture, coupled with instrumentation and machine learning to deliver an adaptive security platform for containers. It enables security teams to see containers in high resolution; defend against threats such as code injection, privilege escalation, malicious lateral movement, and data exfiltration; and streamline security operations – all with a single platform.

infosec products july 2017

Breach and attack vector prediction for industrial networks

CyberX’s new ICS Attack Vector Prediction technology generates a visual representation of all possible attack chains — ranked by risk — that can compromise OT assets, such as robotics machinery in manufacturing plants and circuit breakers in electrical substations. This approach highlights security gaps, enabling OT security teams to proactively mitigate risk and prioritize mitigation activities based on the most likely attack scenarios — enabling use of limited skilled resources and narrow maintenance windows.

infosec products july 2017

RSA NetWitness Suite redefines SIEM to optimize security operations

RSA unveiled the next release of RSA NetWitness Suite that is designed both to increase productivity for security analysts of every skill and experience level and to accelerate threat detection and response. By integrating business context with true end-to-end visibility, the RSA NetWitness evolved SIEM is engineered to identify an organization’s high risk security threats, optimizes security processes to reduce attacker dwell time, and prioritizes the threats.

infosec products july 2017

HackerOne makes it easier to manage vulnerability reports

HackerOne Response is a new product offering for companies to receive security vulnerability reports from the hacker community, their users, and customers. Organizations that don’t have a formalized method for receiving vulnerability submissions from the outside world may find out about security issues on social media, through various support channels, or not at all, leaving customers at risk. HackerOne is the platform for companies to learn what hackers already know about their software.

infosec products july 2017

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