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FaceApp privacy panic: Be careful which apps you use

The privacy panic over FaceApp, the selfie-editing mobile app that makes photo subjects younger, older or turns them into members of the opposite sex, has been overblown. The …

The perimeter is vanishing, how will you secure your network?

There’s a new reality to network security, driven by the fact that the perimeter is vanishing. The concept of a network being fully enclosed within a building or virtual …

Telecom services: Patient zero for email-based attacks?

Organizations offering telecommunication services are seeing more advanced malware threats than organizations in other industries, Lastline researchers have found. They have …

Many infosec professionals reuse passwords across multiple accounts

Lastline announced the results of a survey conducted at Infosecurity Europe 2018, which suggests that 45 percent of infosec professionals reuse passwords across multiple user …

Infosec and the future: Dr. Giovanni Vigna on lessons learned over 25 years

When I asked Dr. Giovanni Vigna what are some of the most important lessons he has learned during the 25+ years he spent working in computer security, his answer was simple: …

Sophisticated keyloggers target the finance industry

Lastline found three separate strains of keylogger malware that are currently targeting finance. Lastline’s analysis of the 100 most recent malware samples found among finance …

How security pros see the future of cryptocurrencies and cryptomining

Data gathered by Lastline at RSA Conference 2018 reveals security professionals’ perspectives on the future of cryptocurrencies and cryptomining, response to ransomware …

Not all malware is created equal

Lastline’s Q4 2017 Malscape Monitor Report delivers previously unavailable trends and actionable insights into malicious behaviors and how threats unfold. The MIME types …

New infosec products of the week​: July 21, 2017

Awake Security unveils advanced security analytics solution Awake’s advanced security analytics provide security teams the insights needed to understand the scope and impact …

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