Orchestrating security across multiple environments

In an effort to help organizations centralize their intelligence and security process management, ThreatConnect has expanded its security platform’s capabilities to allow Playbooks to run across multiple environments including cloud, office networks, or virtual.

multiple environments security

Playbooks enables automation of almost any cybersecurity task. This new security orchestration capability provides organizations the flexibility and scalability they need to unify their security management across their entire digital business.

As more businesses move to the cloud and many companies manage infrastructure in more than one region or business unit, most (if not all) organizations are managing multiple environments. With ThreatConnect’s Multi-Environment Orchestration, organizations can make informed, intelligence-driven decisions and take action seamlessly across networks.

In the ThreatConnect Platform once an action is triggered, applications within a Playbook coordinate in real-time, including running Playbooks across network boundaries, remotely detonating malware files in an analysis environment, or blocking an malicious host or URL in all firewalls simultaneously to protect network assets globally.

To enable complete end-to-end orchestration and automation, organizations can manage and monitor all of their snvironments from the ThreatConnect Platform, using a centralized user interface. With cross-environment standardization of actions and awareness, Playbooks are easily duplicated and customizable as needed to adapt to unique snvironments or threats. Thus, time consuming tasks are reduced from hours to seconds, and all actions are recorded and measured in the Platform for future reference and reporting.

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) also benefit from ThreatConnect’s Multi-Environment Orchestration. With this capability and the ThreatConnect Platform’s multi-tenant architecture, MSSPs can manage security workflows for multiple customer Environments from a single platform.

At the same time, they will realize economies of scale by creating customized Playbooks from templated processes for their differing needs. As their business grows, these MSSPs then have the ability to scale to their customers’ unique needs employing this technology.

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