New infosec products of the week​: October 6, 2017

EclecticIQ Platform 2.0 gets intelligence reporting, new UI, and more

To remove one of the biggest bottlenecks in threat investigation, EclecticIQ Platform 2.0 now includes built-in intelligence reporting capabilities. Without leaving the platform, threat analysts can compile tactical and strategic intelligence reports that non-specialists can easily understand, while also automatically including links to technical items (e.g. IOCs) for quick access by other analysts.

infosec products october 2017

PatternEx platform utilizes AI and human intuition to automate threat detection

PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform introduces two new key features that aid organizations in protecting intellectual property, customer information, and confidential data: AutoCorrelate and Custom Analytics. These two new features build on PatternEx AI2, which combines capabilities of both machines and human analysts into a closed-loop feedback process designed to identify new attacks and learn over time.

infosec products october 2017

SecSmash: Free, open source penetration testing tool

Many times, the poor deployment of a product can leave critical pieces of infrastructure unprotected. Weak passwords or failing to use two-factor authentication can leave security products intended to protect an organization exposed. The SecSmash framework helps penetration testers identify any such weaknesses and correct them before an attacker poses a threat by turning centralized management, monitoring and security tools into command and control, aka C2, infrastructure. Attackers frequently use the C2 approach to commandeer security systems.

infosec products october 2017

VIPRE Endpoint Security – Cloud Edition released

VIPRE Endpoint Security – Cloud Edition, a solution for SMBs, delivers protection against threats from the most prevalent malware to the latest evasive strains, alerting users of any threats so they can analyze and stop attacks. The product can be purchased, configured and deployed in three clicks and in less than ten minutes.

infosec products october 2017

Intel offers approach to IoT scaling and security

Intel Secure Device Onboard (Intel SDO) technology securely automates and brings IoT devices online within seconds rather than hours. Its “zero touch” model allows devices to dynamically discover the customer’s IoT platform account at power-on for automatic registration. Intel SDO is integrated with Wind River Helix Device Cloud, its device lifecycle management platform that enables IoT devices to securely connect, monitor, manage and service devices.

infosec products october 2017

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