G Suite users get a better view of their enterprise security posture

Google is rolling out a new security tool for G Suite Enterprise users: the Security Center. The tool aims to give administrators a better understanding of their organization’s security.

The G Suite Security Center

Admins get a unified dashboard that shows them important security metrics across services like Gmail, Google Drive, Mobile Management, etc.

G Suite security

These metrics show how many messages were encrypted with Transport Layer Security, when were messages marked as malware, how are users marking their emails, what suspicious device activities have been detected, and so on.

From that dashboard, admins can examine security analytics to flag threats, i.e., delve deeper into each of those metrics.

“For example, your team can have visibility into which users are being targeted by phishing so that you can head off potential attacks, or when Google Drive files trigger DLP rules, you have a heads up to avoid risking data exfiltration,” G Suite product managers Chad Tyler and Reena Nadkarni explained.

Security recommendations

They also get security recommendations. The security health section of this new security center shows administrators how security settings are configured for their domain(s) and offers customized suggestions based on security best practices for content, communication, mobility, and user security.

Through it, admins can monitor the security health of settings such as automatic email forwarding, email whitelist IPs, MX record configuration, access to offline docs, two-step verification for users and admins, device encryption, calendar sharing policy, and more.

G Suite security

Depending on the setting status, the far-right column displays a gray icon that admins can click for a list of security recommendations, or a green checkbox to indicate a secure configuration.

Security Center will be available to all G Suite Enterprise users in the next few days. It will be accessible from the Admin console.

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