New infosec products of the week​: February 23, 2018

Cisco offers cloud-based endpoint security solutions for MSSPs

Cisco is offering MSSPs security, visibility, and control of customer endpoints. Their endpoint security portfolio includes: Cisco AMP for Endpoints, Cisco Umbrella, and Meraki Systems Manager to offer protection against advanced malware and threats. AMP for Endpoints prevents breaches and blocks malware at the point of entry, then continues to watch, analyze, and record file activity, regardless of the file’s disposition. Cisco Umbrella blocks requests to malicious or unwanted destinations before a connection is even established. Meraki Systems Manager provides over-the-air centralized management, diagnostics, and monitoring for all mobile devices.

new infosec products february 2018

DomainTools launches predictive domain risk scoring model

DomainTools announced its Domain Risk Score, a new method of predicting the level of danger or risk associated with Internet domains. Leveraging machine learning and predictive insights, Risk Score identifies factors inherent in high-risk domains from their inception, even if they have not been previously observed in malicious activity. It also predicts which type of threat the domain is most likely to represent, whether phishing, malware, or spam.

new infosec products february 2018

Expanded CyberFlood platform offers new deployment options for security assurance

Spirent Communications expanded its family of testing solutions with the introduction of two platforms that provide new ways to leverage CyberFlood functionality. For users testing cloud and SDN/NFV environments, CyberFlood Virtual provides deployment options previously unavailable for these use cases. The CF20 is an all-in-one appliance solution that packs the full capabilities of CyberFlood into a portable, multi-speed, compact form factor.

new infosec products february 2018

FileCloud unveils Enterprise Edition, deploys secure collaboration and storage for large organizations

FileCloud Enterprise Edition is designed to enable IT administration, management and compliance across enterprise-level systems with over 1000 users. FileCloud solves the challenge of losing control over intellectual property and information assets. Unlike other centralized file Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings, FileCloud gives complete control over data by allowing businesses to keep their data on any infrastructure of their choice including public, private and hybrid clouds.

new infosec products february 2018

Token Management Service: Smarter tokens for a connected digital world

Visa introduced Token Management Service, a solution designed to unify management and secure customer payment data. It enables an integrated view of payment preferences and behaviors across a merchant’s commerce platforms, processing environments, geographies, payment types and card brands. Merchants can benefit directly by reducing costs associated with compliance and minimizing security threats associated with keeping sensitive data on their own networks.

new infosec products february 2018

Avira SafeThings WiFi Router: Protection for smart homes

The SafeThings WiFi Router is intended for innovators and professional users that want to be one step ahead in terms of technology they use and how they protect their smart homes and digital lives. Avira provides a solution which vendors can integrate into their products or that consumers can purchase as a complete offering. The router will be released later this year.

new infosec products february 2018

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