Relying on legacy security technologies leaves you blind to IoT threats

As shadow IoT infiltrate organizations, the variety of risks and threats stemming from these devices put networks and data at risk, according to 802 Secure.

legacy security technologies IoT threats

IoT and IIoT (Industrial IoT) introduce new IoT networks autonomous from the enterprise network. Organizations are blind to these IoT networks and devices across a plethora of new protocols and frequencies.

“While most organizations prepare for IoT enablement, our threat intelligence shows that most companies are still vulnerable to 10 year old wireless vulnerabilities,” said Mike Raggo, Chief Security and Threat Research Officer at 802 Secure.

Key findings

  • 100% of the organizations had rogue consumer IoT wireless devices on the enterprise network
  • 90% of the organizations had shadow IoT/IIoT wireless networks, undetected company-deployed wireless networks separate from the enterprise infrastructure
  • Organizations are the victim of at least 1 wireless attack every week
  • Emerging threats include new wireless USB thumb drives and spy cameras.

“IoT introduces new operating systems, protocols, and wireless frequencies. Companies that rely on legacy security technologies are blind to this rampant IoT threat. Organizations need to broaden their view into these invisible devices and networks to identify rogue IoT devices on the network, visibility into shadow IoT networks, and detection of nearby threats such as drones and spy cameras. Through IoT wireless network monitoring organizations can expose these devices, tie approved devices into their asset management, isolate rogues, measure security posture, identify attacks, and mitigate threats through deceptive networking,” said Raggo.

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