Valimail extends its IDEA platform with Valimail Defend

Valimail Defend provides email fraud protection, eliminating inbound email impersonation attacks, including friendly-from spoofing as well as lookalike-domain (sometimes called cousin-domain) attacks.

Valimail Defend is the automated, identity-driven solution that blocks inbound impersonation emails. It is built on the foundation of the Valimail IDEA platform, with the automated approach that’s different from first-generation reporting solutions, and which does not require access to the content of the emails.

Valimail Defend also leverages Valimail’s proprietary machine learning analytics, which, combined with its dynamic catalog of third-party emailing services, provides a solution with low false positives. In addition, Defend generates actionable threat intelligence for take-down efforts and integration with other customer systems (e.g. SIEMs).

Valimail Defend complements the company’s existing automated email authentication solution, Valimail Enforce, to provide a defense against email fraud and impersonation attacks, without using personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). This simplifies compliance with data privacy standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

Valimail Enforce has the track record in the industry for getting customers to enforcement (the point at which customer domains are protected from impersonation), and is the email authentication solution on the market to offer enforcement.

Like Enforce, Valimail Defend also complements existing anti-spam solutions and secure email gateways (SEGs) to ensure the effective layered defense for your organization.

“Valimail’s automated approach has proven to be both effective and efficient, as it’s saved us countless employee hours compared with other approaches and got us to enforcement effortlessly,” said Vivek Raman, Director of Engineering at Yelp.

“We are excited about this next generation of automated anti-impersonation technology from Valimail, which will give us the full end-to-end solution.”

“Our goal has always been to build a foundational trust layer for email that complements existing filtering and training solutions,” said Valimail CEO and co-founder Alexander García-Tobar.

“We’ve built our cloud-first anti-impersonation solution to be completely automated from the ground up, and the data is clear: We have the highest rate of effectiveness in protecting our customers’ domains from impersonation. Valimail Defend is the latest step in the evolution of our deep industry expertise, giving enterprises and government organizations the most advanced protection against email impersonation.”

Valimail Defend will be widely available in Q3 2018.

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