SoftwareONE launches Security for Microsoft 365

SoftwareONE announced that it has launched Security for Microsoft 365, a managed service that enhances the security of Microsoft 365 environments as well as manages and protects users, devices, applications and information from advanced security threats.

In a mobile-first, cloud-first world, the attack surface has expanded past the traditional IT perimeter and enterprises need to manage identities, protect devices, govern and manage Shadow IT, and make sure sensitive information is safeguarded.

Security for Microsoft 365 is powered by Microsoft 365 and includes Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security to help enterprises stay ahead of security threats as employees become more mobile and cloud services are adopted across the organization.

SoftwareONE plans, configures, implements and supports the solution to meet customer business requirements.

Microsoft 365 provides security capabilities including identity management, mobile device management, endpoint protection, advanced threat protection and cloud application security.

Security for Microsoft 365 will help enterprises prioritize and deploy the capabilities taking into account business, security and compliance requirements.

“Cloud security is a shared responsibility. Customers are responsible for security in the cloud, while technology/cloud providers, such as Microsoft, are responsible for the security of the cloud,” said Mike Fitzgerald, Global Leader – Solutions at SoftwareONE.

“Through our collaboration with Microsoft to offer Security for Microsoft 365, we can prioritize and help enterprises secure and protect their on-premises and cloud environments.”

Complementary to the managed security services, SoftwareONE offers a suite of assessment services that enable customers to determine the maturity and effectiveness of their security and compliance programs. These services enable organizations to identify security gaps and prioritize what controls need to be put in place to harden their security and compliance programs.

The Security and Compliance Assessments can also serve as a basis for enterprises to prioritize what features of Microsoft 365 should be deployed first based on security and compliance gaps.

SoftwareONE Security and Compliance Assessment offerings include:

  • GDPR Data Discovery & Maturity Assessment – Discover sensitive information and evaluate readiness and areas of GDPR non-compliance.
  • ISO 27001 Compliance Assessment – Evaluate readiness and security policies, procedures and practices for ISO 27001 compliance.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Security Assessment – Evaluate how well Office 365 security features are being used by providing customers with a security configuration score.
  • Shadow IT Security Assessment – Discover Shadow IT across the organization and provide insights on usage and security posture.
  • Rapid Cyberattack Assessment – Assessment to evaluate exposure to known and unknown/advance cyber threats.

”SoftwareONE’s Security for Microsoft 365 provides customers additional security controls to prioritize and secure their expanding attack surface by leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security,” said Ryan McGee, director, Microsoft Security Marketing at Microsoft Corp.

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