LogMeIn unveils secure federated login to LastPass with Active Directory

LastPass by LogMeIn announced a new integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Services (“ADFS”), providing organizations utilizing Microsoft ADFS with the ability to allow employees to access LastPass with their Active Directory (“AD”) credentials.

Maintaining the LastPass zero-knowledge security model, this patent-pending security architecture ensures the user’s AD credentials are never exposed to LastPass while providing employees a single sign-on experience. As a result, with federated login, the user’s AD identity becomes securely linked with their LastPass identity.

In addition, organizations can continue to leverage the benefits that LastPass Enterprise already offers, including:

  • Granular control and visibility: LastPass Enterprise offers a centralized admin dashboard for IT managers, with controls like customizable policies and audit reporting.
  • Automation for IT teams: Through scalable, automated integrations with directories, cloud apps, and other services, LastPass simplifies deployment and management for IT teams.
  • Safe password sharing: From IT departments managing and sharing privileged accounts to marketing teams sharing access to vendors and social media, LastPass provides the password sharing that employees need while maintaining the accountability and proper security controls that IT wants.
  • Reliable autofill across the web: LastPass captures and autofills all credentials in use across the organization. LastPass relieves the password burden from employees while giving IT insight into the password hygiene across the business.
  • Proven security model: From security features to endorsements from industry experts, LastPass is based on a security model that’s tested and proven time after time.

“We’re dedicated to providing our LastPass Enterprise customers with a frictionless experience employees love and the strong security and control IT admins need,” said Sandor Palfy, CTO of Identity and Access Management at LogMeIn.

“By tying LastPass to Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services, employees truly only have one password (their AD password) to remember, which translates to a higher adoption rate, helping organizations meet their password security goals faster.”

Today, the LastPass integration with ADFS is available for new customers only. Admins can start provisioning newly-added users with AD federated login immediately. We expect the ADFS integration will be available for existing users and already-provisioned users later this year.

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