5nine enhances platform to help businesses strengthen their cloud infrastructure

5nine announced enhancements to its 5nine Unified platform, the hybrid cloud management and security platform that unifies the functions of system monitoring, management, backup and recovery, security and migration into one interface.

Integrating these functions in the hybrid cloud environment improves operational efficiency and cost savings, two key factors that are driving growing numbers of customer to hybrid solutions.

The 5nine platform allows enterprise, mid-market and small-to-mid-size businesses to reinforce their Microsoft cloud infrastructure by extending their Hyper-V on-premise environment through integration with public cloud infrastructure service functionality.

For instance, customers may want to extend to Azure for replication or backup purposes or extend their DevOps environment by leveraging Azure VMs.

Enhancements to the 5nine Unified platform include:

Cloud Manager License Expansion – The 5nine Cloud Manager license now includes up to five free virtual machines per Azure account.

5nine Introspective Security now supports SDNv2 of the Hyper-V switch for Windows Server 2016, as well as the SDN capabilities available in Windows Server 2019. 5nine Cloud Security now uses the Azure Virtual Filtering Platform (VFP) virtual switch extension to send traffic from the Hyper-V host to 5nine’s Virtual Router (vRouter).

5nine Introspective Security for Public Cloud – vRouter-based Cloud Security providing agentless firewalling and IDS and agentless Antivirus scans of Azure virtual machines.

Enhanced SDN Management Functionality – Included in the 5nine Unified Platform Beta version.

Vince Arneja, 5nine Chief Product Officer, noted that with these improvements “We are helping our customers build up their infrastructure with more security, ease and functionality. Our goal is to continually foresee how our customers’ needs evolve, and enhance and adapt our platform to meet them. As the market continues the growing shift to hybrid cloud, our 5nine Unified platform will enable customers to scale their cloud infrastructure so they benefit from the best of both cloud worlds.”

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