Portnox provides risk assessment and management to all levels of access

Portnox released a solution offering network protection and control to organizations using Microsoft DirectAccess.

According to IDC, mobile workers will account for nearly 73 percent of the US workforce by 2020. Organizations with decentralized structure and multiple locations deal with different security issues and risks on the network.

To monitor for and combat these risks, Portnox’s NAC as-a-Service solution, Portnox CLEAR, offers the benefits of on-premise NAC solutions, delivering visibility and risk monitoring capabilities from the cloud.

Microsoft DirectAccess is a remote access solution, offering geographically distributed enterprises corporate access to remote endpoints. By utilizing Portnox CLEAR, DirectAccess customers will also have visibility into all devices on the network, including BYOD, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and managed devices.

The new solution provides risk assessment and management to all levels of access from the cloud and across all network devices. This visibility into device activity and network traffic provides early warning of risky devices.

Once a device with a risk-score is detected, Portnox allows security teams to remediate issues by segmenting or blocking devices from accessing the network, thus shutting down an attack before the attackers achieve their goals.

“Hackers are becoming more skilled at infiltrating the enterprise network, and as companies expand and open new locations, securing the entire network is more difficult than ever before,” said Ofer Amitai, CEO, Portnox.

“We are committed to helping enterprises implement easy-to-deploy network security solutions that stop an attack before it escalates, regardless of where the at-risk device may be located. By deploying NAC from the cloud, the new solution that works with Microsoft DirectAccess helps organizations to gain complete visibility, detection and control of risks to the network.”

“NAC as-a-Service is fully compatible with our Always On VPN with Microsoft DirectAccess,” said Yong Thye Lin, CEO, Celestix. “This is crucial protection for today’s decentralized enterprises where out-of-date software, plugins, and browsers, plus unpatched and unprotected systems leave remote employees extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Businesses today must have full visibility of their network endpoints, giving IT departments the contextual endpoint knowledge required to know that their data and networks are secure.”

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