New infosec products of the week: January 25, 2019

Threat Stack announces new API for streamlined DevOps and security workflows

The new API will allow for the suppression and dismissal of alerts from existing tools, streamlining incident response workflows and reducing the mean time to response (MTTR). The ability to disable and enable rules will also enable Threat Stack customers to conduct system maintenance without interrupting DevOps and security teams or increasing the number of false positive alerts.

new infosec products January 2019

Cohesity backup solution prevents, detects, and responds to ransomware attacks

Cohesity released the Cohesity Anti-Ransomware Solution, a series of new capabilities available for the latest version of Cohesity DataPlatform that combats ransomware attacks. This solution offers the set of capabilities of any modern-day backup vendor with a multi-layered approach that can prevent, detect, and if necessary respond to attacks.

new infosec products January 2019

WhiteHat Security launches Essentials product line for security testing with code coverage

WhiteHat Security released Sentinel Source Essentials Edition and Sentinel SCA Essentials Edition. The streamlined products have been created to help organizations meet the needs of the DevOps build/test phase by offering security testing with code coverage. They cut down scan times, helping developers get the vulnerability assessment results they need faster.

new infosec products January 2019

SIOS Protection Suite for SAP optimized on AWS available in AWS Solution Space

SIOS Protection Suite for SAP optimized on AWS provides availability, data replication, and disaster recovery in a solution on AWS. SIOS is also offering a special consultancy service.

new infosec products January 2019

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