GreatHorn protects users from the large variety of Microsoft and Google credential theft attacks

GreatHorn, provider of the industry’s most advanced email threat protection platform, announced the capability to analyze and assess the authenticity of Office 365 and G Suite login pages embedded in emails received by users. The new release further protects GreatHorn users from the large variety of Microsoft and Google credential theft attacks that have increased in volume and sophistication over the past year.

By incorporating advanced computer vision into its threat protection platform, GreatHorn is continuing to lead innovation in the email security market, using vision-based credential theft recognition to identify malicious sites based on their intent to steal usernames and passwords. Unlike other platforms that rely heavily on blacklists and threat intelligence, GreatHorn identifies and blocks zero-day credential theft threats immediately to safeguard enterprises against account takeover and confidential information theft attacks.

Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report shows that cybercriminals place a heavy emphasis on stealing credentials because it gives them unmitigated access to users’ email accounts, critical data, logins to other sites, and personally identifiable information (PII) that can be used to launch further cyberattacks.

A common tactic to steal credentials is for cybercriminals to impersonate alerts from enterprise cloud platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite to get workers to “log in” to a malicious domain.

If an enterprise user were to click on a suspicious link, GreatHorn will analyze the site to determine whether the login page is legitimate or not. Focused initially on detecting fake Office 365 and G Suite login pages, GreatHorn’s advanced vision detection will quickly expand to other high-value cloud applications and services such as, cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, and document sharing sites such as Dropbox.

“GreatHorn is committed to ensuring email can once again be a trusted medium for doing business,” said Kevin O’Brien, CEO and co-founder of GreatHorn. “Account takeover attacks have become commonplace, and we’ve repeatedly seen the damage they can do to a business. The first step to protecting against such threats is identifying and blocking credential phishing attacks as they happen. Our advanced computer vision research can recognize such attempts and combine it with our other proprietary detection techniques to give enterprises a clearer understanding of whether the destination site is authentic.”

GreatHorn’s email security platform protects organizations from email threats by identifying advanced attacks more quickly and accurately than any other platform. These innovative detection techniques are employed at every point of vulnerability to block delivery, caution users against engagement, protecting against malicious links, and speeding incident response.

Rather than relying on traditional binary email security methods, the platform combines multiple sources of threat intelligence – both third-party and proprietary – with adaptive threat analytics based on an organization’s unique communication patterns to enforce automated threat identification and remediation policies. This method has proven effective in identifying modern payload-free attacks, including credential phishing attacks.

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