Key 2019 cybersecurity industry trends

Momentum Cyber revealed the most significant trends that will drive strategic activity in the cybersecurity industry in 2019 and will be prevalent themes at the RSA Conference.

Six key cybersecurity trends that Momentum Cyber predicts will drive M&A and IPO activity to new heights in 2019 include:

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) will continue its strong performance as perimeters continue to fade and we adopt more of a zero-trust approach to security
  • Hybrid cloud computing utilization will continue its rise and drive demand for cloud-agnostic solutions to address security, data protection, and compliance
  • Data centric security solutions will continue their rise as data discovery, management, and protection extends security beyond today’s evaporating perimeters
  • IoT devices will continue to be targeted given their low level of security and exponential growth into our homes, cars, medical devices, IT networks, OT networks and critical infrastructure
  • A volatile stock market and expanding buyer universe will make later stage companies view M&A as an even more attractive alternative to an IPO, further increasing M&A deal volume
  • Security services providers will continue to increase market share as more organizations elect to use managed solutions to alleviate vendor fatigue and the growing cybersecurity skills shortage

“We see that as infrastructure becomes more ephemeral and lifts and shifts to the cloud, it will drive the need for continuous visibility and more of an identity, access, and data centric approach to security in the coming years,” said Dino Boukouris, Momentum Cyber founding member and director.

“Focusing more on who you are and what data or applications you have the right to access helps alleviate some of the burden of the Sisyphean task of trying to make the ever-shifting networks impenetrable.”

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