New infosec products of the week: April 5, 2019

Free cybersecurity threat assessment for midsize and large organizations

Cynet unveiled the Cynet Threat Assessment program. The free offering for organizations with 500 or more endpoints identifies critically exposed attack surfaces and provides actionable knowledge of attacks that are currently alive and active in the environment, as well as security scoring relative to industry peers.

infosec products April 2019

0patch PRO simplifies Windows security patching

ACROS Security, a globally recognized provider of security micropatches, launched 0patch PRO, a service that simplifies security patching on Windows platform for Enterprises and individuals. 0patch PRO is a first commercial platform of its kind to enable micropatches (microscopic pieces of binary code that replace only vulnerable parts) to rapidly and unobtrusively fix the most important security vulnerabilities.

infosec products April 2019

iovation provides new ways to stop fraud without inconveniencing good customers

The additions increase security for businesses and reduce friction for consumers with features like email and phone number verification, botnet detection, streamlined de-registration of a device used for authentication, and more customization and context insight for authentication requests.

infosec products April 2019

KnowBe4 releases a new tool aimed to test employees in a phishing scenario

KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, announced a new, complimentary tool aimed to gauge how many employees will reply to a phishing email called the Phishing Reply Test (PRT). Cybersecurity professionals can use this web-based tool test employees on these common scenarios for targeted attacks used by the bad guys.

infosec products April 2019

AlgoSec releases a new cloud-native solution providing management of security control layers

AlgoSec, leading provider of business-driven network and cloud security management solutions, released AlgoSec CloudFlow, a new cloud-native solution. CloudFlow’s centralized management provides organizations with instant visibility, in-depth risk and compliance analysis, and automated detection of misconfigurations across multiple cloud platforms.

infosec products April 2019

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