Code42’s Data Loss Protection solution now integrates with Box

Code42, the leader in data loss protection, announced its Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection solution includes a new integration with Box, a leading cloud content management platform.

Code42’s integration helps information security teams rapidly detect, investigate and respond to data loss, leak and theft through corporate Box environments, complementing Box’s native security functionality to further mitigate insider threats.

The Box integration marks a key expansion to the growing list of cloud collaboration and content management platform integrations available to Code42 enterprise customers.

“Data today is highly portable and workers need to be able to collaborate with zero interruptions. At the same time, security teams must be able to detect, investigate and respond to suspicious file activity across endpoints and cloud in real-time,” says Ananth Appathurai, Code42’s senior vice president of strategic partnerships and corporate development.

“Our Box integration reflects Code42’s commitment to expanding the scope of exfiltration vectors we offer and gives security teams increased visibility into where their data is, as well as when and how it’s being exfiltrated from their cloud collaboration platforms.”

The Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection solution can capture when a user creates, shares, deletes or modifies a file in a Box environment across an enterprise, even when the employee uses a personal or non-corporate device.

With the integration, security teams can also collect information on file views and downloads happening in Box, which provides an added layer of investigative protection against insider threat.

“Data security is a growing concern for organizations across every sector. Code42 complements Box’s native security capabilities by serving as an additional layer of protection that can help alleviate the risk of accidental data leakage,” says Jeetu Patel, chief product officer at Box.

“The Code42 integration with Box can help enhance a company’s security posture through increased visibility into their data as it moves in and out of Box accounts, empowering businesses to work more securely and collaboratively all over the world.”

Code42 customers are already experiencing benefits from the new integration with Box. Xactly Corp. supplemented its traditional data loss prevention with Code42’s solution to give the insight it needed into how its data moved across its organization.

Box serves a prominent role in Xactly’s content management and collaboration strategy and the new integration will bring expanded visibility into file movements that are critical to enhancing Xactly’s data security position and protection from insider threat.

“Being a SaaS organization, where our product is based on proprietary code, we are very sensitive about knowing where it is stored and who it is shared with. It’s crucial that we are able to detect and respond if employees are transferring data to personal accounts, or publicly sharing documents, especially when they are in the process of transitioning out of our company,” says Mark Campbell, senior director of IT for Xactly.

He added that the Code42-Box integration “gives us quick visibility into what is shared outside of our domain, and insight about where things are going, and how.”

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