GoSecure adds a new antivirus to its Managed Detection and Response portfolio

GoSecure, a leading provider of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services and a Predictive Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform, announced the addition of Next-Generation Antivirus to their industry leading Managed Detection and Response portfolio.

As traditional antivirus is shown to be increasingly ineffective at stopping advanced attacks, organizations are looking to next-generation antivirus (NGAV) to meet their needs.

GoSecure’s NGAV offering provides several advanced endpoint security capabilities including: behavioral detection, sandboxing, script and exploit protection, botnet protection, network protection, ransomware protection and memory analysis.

“Adding Next-Generation Antivirus to our portfolio allows us to address our customers’ desire to replace their traditional antivirus with a more effective solution. But we didn’t stop there,” said Neal Creighton, Chief Executive Officer of GoSecure.

“Organizations should not to have to choose between NGAV and MDR so our MDR bundles were created specifically to address the need for advanced endpoint security using existing security budget.”

GoSecure has taken all of these benefits and combined them with the CounterTack endpoint detection and response platform into new, easy-to-consume managed detection and response bundles:

  • MDR Enterprise: Combining NGAV with endpoint detection and response, MDR Enterprise includes Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence, and Incident Response that is tailored to an organization’s endpoint security program. MDR Enterprise starts at $13.99 per endpoint per month.
  • MDR Elite: Extends MDR Enterprise bundle upstream into the email inbox with the world’s first and most advanced inbox detection and response solution. MDR Elite starts at $16.99 per endpoint per month.
  • MDR Complete: Provide comprehensive, end-to-end managed detection and response across the endpoint, network and inbox. Includes all capabilities included in MDR Enterprise and MDR Elite while adding network detection and response (NDR) and Insider Threat Protection to offer the world’s most advanced MDR solution on the market. MDR Complete pricing is available from GoSecure upon request.

GoSecure’s MDR bundles provide a unique combination of endpoint security technology into a single solution. Backed by continuous, real-time 24 x 7 monitoring from the GoSecure Advanced Response Center (ARC), organizations are better able to utilize their existing security budget to implement advanced Managed Detection and Response capabilities.

According to Creighton, “There is no one-size-fits-all in security. We need to provide flexibility as security requirements change. Our MDR bundles allow an organization to scale with their security needs.”

GoSecure Managed Detection and Response provides an unprecedented view into an organization’s risks combined with market leading analysis, correlation and response to dramatically reduce malicious activity dwell time.

Backed by a 15-minute threat detection to mitigation SLA, GoSecure MDR is the only solution to combine endpoint, network and email detection and response capabilities.

GoSecure offers a full range of cybersecurity solutions from advisory services that include cybersecurity threat assessments and penetration testing to full stack security technologies and managed security services, powered by the CounterTack platform, that address detection and response, insider threats, and forensics analysis that mitigate emerging attack vectors like ransomware and fileless malware.

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