How seriously are businesses taking their PKI security?

While most enterprises demonstrate a committed effort towards maintaining a well-rounded PKI setup, they still fall short in several key categories.

businesses PKI security

The post-Black Hat survey report generated by AppViewX indicated that the primary reason for these shortfalls resided in the fact that most certificate- and PKI-processes were bound by silos, manual workflows, and a lack of synergy between systems. For instance, nearly 50% of the respondents admitted to still relying on passwords to safeguard private keys.

Some key findings include:

  • Over 30% of the organizations surveyed relied on spreadsheets to manage their certificates.
  • 65% of the respondents’ organizations had been hit by 5-10 certificate-related outages in the past year.

businesses PKI security

According to the survey, several professionals predict the rise of cutting-edge technology in the cloud and IoT domains that will leverage x.509 certificates in the future, driving home the fact that full-cycle certificate management is truly the need of the hour.

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