Blue Cedar announces Accelerator for Microsoft

Blue Cedar, the company that provides rapid, no code mobile app security integration to enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs), announced the availability of the Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft, which eases the integration of Microsoft Intune App Protection Policy security controls, now part of Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager solution, into enterprise-authored and other corporate mobile apps.

Microsoft Intune enables enterprises to remotely manage a diverse mobile ecosystem of devices and applications, while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.

With the Microsoft Accelerator, enterprise DevOps teams can reduce the time needed to integrate Intune protection and security controls into mobile applications by an average of five weeks – not only for the original release of the application, but also for every version update over the life of the app.

Beyond simplifying the Microsoft security integration process, the Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft allows organizations to access protected networks or applications through a secure in-app VPN, via any IKEv2 gateway, including the Blue Cedar Connect Gateway.

This in-app VPN client eliminates the need for coding, or for end-user VPN app or client configuration. For an end user, securely accessing a network-protected resource from an Intune-managed app is as simple as tapping the app.

Developed together with Microsoft, the Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft allows Microsoft 365 customers to securely expand their mobile initiatives with trusted technology, including Microsoft Intune app protection and security controls and a single sign-on (SSO) experience, without requiring device enrollment or manual coding.

“Blue Cedar’s innovative technology provides Microsoft’s enterprise customers with strong integration of Microsoft Intune app security controls,” said Peter Orenberg, Principal Program Management Lead at Microsoft.

“With Blue Cedar’s no code integration, enterprise customers are able to easily extend the scope of Intune-managed mobile apps to encompass critical line of business apps that drive the highest value business outcomes.”

The Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft allows developers to spend more time focused on application innovation instead of integrating security.

It does so by building on the native capabilities of Intune in two ways: it speeds the integration and maintenance of Intune App Protection Policy security control updates into the mobile app landscape, and it provides the means for Intune-managed mobile apps to securely connect to network-protected data and application services.

“Integrating security into mobile applications is complex and tedious, and it distracts developers from their key role in delivering innovation,” said John Aisien, CEO of Blue Cedar.

“By decreasing time spent on integration of Microsoft security controls, organizations will be able to speed mobile app adoption, while benefiting from Microsoft’s proven security. We’re proud to work with Microsoft to deliver these solution enhancers that advance the adoption of Intune and power large organizations’ business-critical mobile initiatives.”

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